Soundwitch won't do anything on the Prime 4

Hi community,

I’m very satisfied with my Prime 4 and Soundwitch but since a few Gigs there is a problem I’m not able to solve it alone.

Maybe because I do something wrong what is obvious for everyone else, but I can’t see it, since RTFM is not a possible solution with Soundwitch… :laughing:

First I have an monthly Soundwitch subscription. I patched all my light gear and scripted a lot of pretty cool shows. While the Control one controller is connected to the Prime 4 and the Prime 4 is in USB mode and connected to the PC, I can see all my playlists and can use these in the Engine DJ connection of the software to script the songs and arrange great autoloops for the unscripted songs. While in this mode, Soundwitch is performing completely as wanted.

Then I copied the complete Soundwitch folder from my PC to the Prime 4.

Later in the Wedding location I started the lightmode on the Prime 4, opened the venue which is stored in the project file and the lights were dead. Pressing White let all the lights turn white. I could also adjust the positions of my moving heads. All of this works fine. But the lights wont show up while playing music.

No moving, no light. As if there were an empty show for each song and no autoloops possible. Could I have reduced the lights to zero somewhere? The Control one shows all the LED on the touch strip.

I tried a lot of different things, maybe to connect and power up in different order, but I’m not sure what’s wrong. Since I do not know how to Override scripted songs with autoloops I couldn’t test that.

Any ideas what I can look for?

Yesterday I connected the Control one to my computer and controlled the lights with autoloops und manual bpm tapping what I wanted to avoid with buying the controller and subscribing Soundwitch. This worked for me as the second best solution…

Thank you in advance. Maybe someone has some hints for me to test it out…

Greetings from Germany Jens DJ SneJ

There is some info on the forum somewhere about the method of exporting from SoundSwitch to Prime equipment. Try a search.

Yes a manual is really required, but since the very beginning nothing has changed.

Is this any help? Click the link.

I can find the Project-Files and can even load the venues on my Prime 4, but after that the problem still exists.

But thank you for your hint and the link. I think I need to open a case at the soundswitch support.

Did you find a solution till yet?I have exact the same issue on my SC6000’s with my moving heads. They move, light up in white and I have full control to set them to the right positions. When I start a track from the usb stick where I also have the right soundswitch project synced to (via enginedj) - the heads start to move with the beat like autoscripted before. But there is no chance to get the lightshow complete with shining coloured lights. They just move like little Zombies with them lights off. When I restart the Player I am allowed to set all the colours at the “colour overrides” and the moving heads are showing the chosen colour perfektly. But as soon as I choose a scripted track an play it. Colours are not available to choose anymore. As if the “lightened Colour-Funktion” shuts off cause like I said before the heads are moving physically like they should.

It’s still the same. I didn’t find a solution. Next I will try to remove the complete Soundswitch folder on my computer and my prime 4 and start from the scratch.

Actually I’m using the Gigbar move + ILS which is working fine without Soundswitch. Sure, it might be a lot better with, but I’ll save this for the winter, when so the weddings are done.

I will report then.