Soundswitch mapping Banks or Presets

Hi there, i wonder if Sounswitch allow to mapping pads of Pioneer DDJ SZ for Banks and Presets ? Regards

You can certainly MIDI map in SoundSwitch, but the problem comes if you’re using your SZ with DJ software, then the DJ software will hog the MIDI data.

You won’t be able to send some data to the DJ s/w and some to SoundSwitch.

With DMXIS box is working, while i’m djing with DDJ SZ and Serato …sadly with Dmxis can’t mapping Banks and Presets , only few things on DDJ SZ. Anyway, Soundswitch Control One is coming with licence for Soundswitch Software or i have to pay for both ?

3 months license I think

Perhaps mapping the SZ’s performance pad in Deck 3 and 4 to control soundswitch.

Something like a Numark Orbit maybe easier to work with.

So, i pay 300 euro for SSC One and another 200 euro for SS software…kinda expensive…!

I paid 500euros for the first box few years ago.

Got it! Any chance for micro dmx cable to get back for sale ?