SoundSwitch Control One + SC5000 + Xone96

Hey folks,

Has anyone gotten SoundSwitch Control one + SC5000 + Xone 96 to play nice together? If so, how should we wire it up so the lighting responds…

I know faders need to be midi mapped, just unsure how best to achieve.

As you said you need to map the external mixer.

  • Create light shows
  • Connect the SC5000s via a lan switch to your PC (turn wifi off)
  • connect the control one via usb to your laptop
  • connect the Xone via usb with your PC (map the fader channels)
  • Start the performance mode with the light show

Than it should work. Did this with several midi mixers (Rane, Pioneer, Denon) worked all well.

But try to map the fader channels right. Most of my problem came from a faulse midi mapped mixer.