SoundSwitch Control One Auto Loop buttons do nothing

Hi there,

I’m completely new to SoundSwitch and the SoundSwitch Control One. I’ve got everything set up and can confirm it’s working. My DMX mappings work and the general functions from the controller (Black, White, Static Color Selection, etc.) all work fine.

However, when I press any of the buttons in the Bank 1 - Bank 4 section, no Auto Loops get invoked. What do I do wrong? Or do I misunderstand the functionality of those buttons?

Have you music playing ? With music on it should play the autoloops.

That was in deed the problem. I didn’t know that as long as it’s in “Linked to Engine DJ” mode, always waits for the players / X1850 to send beat information.

Follow-up question: How can I switch to stand alone mode? Do I have to unlink in preferences?