Sound problem with MC7000

Hello Guy’s

I’ve a problem with my new MC7000 (the controller has been purchase 2 weeks ago). After more or less 40 minutes of mixing, sound start to be strange (“ça craque” as we say in french). If I exit the software and restart the controller, everything work fine for more or less 40 minutes before “crashing” again… I had this problem with Serato AND Traktor, so I think the problem come from the controller. Anybody already has this problem ?

Are you using PC or Mac? Did you try adjusting latency, or running a latency checker to see if you have a good system for audio?

I use a windows 10 laptop. During the first 40 minutes everything is ok, but after that it’s impossible to continue. It’s really a sound problem.

It’s latency.

Cold laptops work and think faster than Hot laptops, which is why you get a short time of it all working ok, then the laptop heats up, slows down (to cool off) but isn’t allowed to cool off, because the DJ software is still pushing it.

You have to tell the laptop that it’s ok to think slower , by increasing the latency a lot.

I’ll try that. Where dis I need to increase latency ?

The latency is in your DJ software audio or sound settings. It might show up as 5ms or 10ms, try 50ms or higher

Thx I’ll try that

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