Interesting. Have I seen this before regarding the motor?

I wish :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I saw the issue before turning off the motor. I turned the motor off and then on multiple times during the set and all worked fine.

So turning of feature is solution, great… this is very good start.

Nah, it’s a workaround. A small swarm of community members have been in contact with Denon and sharing details about behavior and how to replicate the problem. inMusic are aware and working towards a fix.

Snide remarks and comments may make you feel good, but they certainly won’t help anyone else.

It’s easier to tear down than to build up. I speak from experience, and I choose to put energy into building up.

Engine isn’t my product, and I am not employed. I have a vested interest as I depend on my decks.

One final note — software development is some of the most complicated things that humans do. These media players are certainly no exception. On the whole, they do a fine job of balancing a ton of constraints, something that takes much expertise in a wide range of computer science and electronic fields. To anyone looking in, it all seems trivial and think that “it should just work”, however none of it is.

In this modern world, every software-based device (just about anything electronic these days, including storage devices!), have tolerances for fault, and when it comes to paving new ground (this is called innovation), things are bound to go wrong given the complexity of software. Many things are wrong in your iOS or android phones. Maybe you have seen the bugs, maybe not. Same goes for your mac, windows and Linux desktops (these media players run Linux btw!).

So many things around us are running software with bugs, and while we all wish it was not the case, all software contains bugs.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask NASA, or companies like Boeing (MCAS).


I have the same experience, because the after-sales service in mainland China is special and not consistent with the DENON headquarters, so the after-sales technicians in mainland China replied to me that it was a hardware failure of the motor rotor, and it was solved after I paid the repair fee.

Have you updated your players to 3.3.0? The glitches look to be (mostly) resolved.

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Did a quick set a couple of days ago… plenty of errors. Turned it off and back on again, motor running, no problems…

The issue is still present in 3.4

■■■■■ to hear. Any video of this issue occurring?

Sorry man… no. I just turned it off and on back again… when it was working I just considered myself lucky and carried on.