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Dear Denon developers, Many djs in the forum have asked to correct the sorting method for our library in our controllers. For example in my prime 4 if i choose to read the root of my internal drive , all songs are appeared by BPM sorting. If i then move to my sub folders then automatic the sorting method changes to PLAY ORDER and every time I have to click by BPM which of course is not saved for the start up of my controller. Please correct this as it is very useful for us controller to save the sorting method we like. This kind of setting could be saved very easy when we choose save profile from settings.

Thank you.

The sorting method (no h) :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes PK you are right!!! wait to correct. Thank you.

Hasn’t the 2.0 update solved this? I set it in my first playlist and it stays that setting when I browse other playlists. It didn’t pre-2.0

No, after reboot returns to play order and not BPM.

Ah ok, that’s a very minor issue really, it does on CDJs too doesn’t it? And in both cases takes 5 seconds to re-apply.

You may not want to use the same sorting all the time so a return to default is no issue with me.

Again, standalone players are not DJ software… I’m struggling to understand why so many people don’t get this?

One is used via a computer, the other isn’t.


It’s entirely your opinion though, that Prime equipment is “worse”. The people who’ve actually purchased the products and are using them on a regular basis without issue would disagree.

Other manufacturers standalone equipment is no different. Do Pioneer standalone players have the ability to play video like VDJ? Do people hate Pioneer standalone players because of that?

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Actually, the ‘thing’ it should be compared to is the GUI of Pioneer CDJs which are the industry standard, and in that regard they work similarly, DJ software has nothing to do with it, just because your situation is moving from software to hardware, doesn’t mean that’s the status quo.

As the guy above says, you keep projecting your own opinions as fact.

Yeah but it’s easier to pick on little old Denon isn’t it, pulling these stunts on a Pioneer page would get them laughed at.

It’s hilarious how wound up people get over something as insignificant as pressing a single button on screen and choosing which order your playlist sits in when you turn the machine on, so essentially once per gig.

Great point! I have an extensive MP4 collection and I’m able to play the audio as I would any MP3, WAV, FLAC, etc. I’m not familiar with any other media player (at or below the price) that can do the same.

As for the sorting thing, yes it would be convenient to have the player remember your selection, but you can quickly change the sort with two taps of the screen.

I am wondering if all this discussion has to do with the sorting issue. Dear STU-C, as you know inside settings of prime 4 there is an option, save profile, so, why it is so difficult the sorting preferences to be saved there? I asked for something that it is so simple and don’t mention that this was working when i was to 1.6 version. So it is something that with a small patch of current firmware can be fixed. That’s all.

No comment…

Im off to play with my denon standalone calculater with rgb display

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Don’t forget to re-analyze your BPMs.

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And put sticky dots on tracks.

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Then when im done im going to try and hook my two stanalone record decks up to the prime 4s

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Cant be that hard

exactly, all my purchased mp4 videos, i think 4000 in total to use them with the old rx i had to convert them to mp3 to be able to use them! instead with my prime 4 I can use them without conversion. one less job to do and this is fantastic !! and some are here wanting to dictate to denon what they want, but it seems to me that denon is not obliged to satisfy the requests of a few! try to make inquiries on the pioneer forum they will surely listen to you! ahahaha

Can you please fix this?