Sort by key in Engine

I remember seeing in a changelog that sorting by BPM was added to the MCX8000 as a feature. Is there also a way to sort by key? If not, would it be possible to add that functionality in a future version? I mix harmonically and not being able to have the tracks sorted by key in some fashion is a major hindrance to me.

Hello You can search by Key & you can filter the track list by Key too. You can sort by Key in Engine Prime :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me. I know that I can filter by key but that’s a slow and cumbersome process because there are many key combinations that could work. It’s a pain to have to filter by each key that could work and then go back and look at the next one.

It would be much easier if I could sort by key and see what tracks are close in key to the current track. Is there no way to sort by key on the mcx8000?

Hi @Tundra,

Currently there is no way to sort by key on the MCX8000; only filter. But, we appreciate the feedback! I’ll pass this on to the rest of the team for consideration for future updates.


Thanks. I’d like to point out that this is a basic feature the Pioneer XDJ-RX has (also the ability to sort by rating, which is absent on the MCX8000), and I’m really debating jumping ship…

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that’s an improvement I recommended in the beta period, but nothing has improved in this respect. In addition, there isn’t rating field and, in my case, I have to use the “Artist” field, modify it and indicate in it the rating, imagine the work… :triumph::triumph::triumph:

Hi, i’d like to mix in this way too. Have you introduced this improvement? Thank you

I don’t believe this will be forthcoming. The next firmware upgrade (and most likely last) will close the loop on some of the listed/promised features. Because of it’s the processing limitations, the MCX’s potential for growth is somewhat limited. Regardless, it’s still a great barebone standalone unit.

I use Mixed in Key now and have it put the key at the front of the track title, then I can sort by track title and it’s sorted by key.