So I downloaded the latest firmware

And in the manual it states to follow the instructions provided with your latest firmware update but after unzipping the firmware file there’s no instructions, just the update file. Anybody have the firmware update instructions over wifi?

What we first need to know: which method you have chosen; usb cable or usb drive?

Thinks he wants to do it over WiFi

Is that possible?

No it’s not.

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Can you just point me to the written directions for the firmware update. I’ve done it by usb and by laptop in the past but seem to recall needing to unlink my players by unplugging the network cable. Maybe I’m mistaken, I just don’t want to brick one of my decks and can’t actually find the written instructions anywhere.

I’ve never done that when updating.

Instructions are in essence ehm missing. I think only the Prime4 has them which are the same.


Ok, updated successfully but it might be nice to have the instructions for the firmware update in the actual manual or, at least, where they already state which is supposed to be included with the firmware download. Thanks for the follow up.


The download is a .exe file (or whatever the MacOS alternative to that is) and includes instructions within the executable file so I’d argue providing additional instructions isn’t necessary.


With how many people I’ve seen post how they bricked their decks and or had serious issues updating the firmware, I have to disagree.

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I agree with your disagreement

They should include a PDF with images that in the update zip


Honestly I’ve updated both of my units through every single release, both through USB and PC methods depending on where I am at the time of upgrade.

I have never experienced a brick or indeed any kind of bug in the update process.

I think bricking the units is actually far rarer than you seem to think and I’d wager it’s more often down to user error because, well, users are idiots and often unable to follow basic instructions.

Additionally it’s actually rather difficult to hard-brick a Linux device, as long as you have USB connectivity you’re good. We’ve seen this in mobile phones for years - for instance, any Mediatek based SOC is virtually impossible to hard-brick from an update/flashing level.


While I do agree that most issues can be distilled down to “operator error”, I think it doesn’t hurt to make the process for upgrading firmware as simple as possible to the end user by providing the instructions to do so at the top level. One shouldn’t have to search or ask for the process. It’s a fairly easy, simple thing Denon could do when providing firmware updates.

denon should cut the number of ways that firmware flashing can be done.

Whenever someone says they are having difficulty flashing firmware, the first question that gets asked by denon members on the forum is “how did you try to upgrade? Did you go from USB flash memory stick or from a computer? Then Mac or Windows etc.

It can’t be easy for denon to keep making both methods as a distributable, why not make all the gear flashable by usb memory stick only

Far less post-upgrade release support time needed.

I don’t know what people do, I use both methods in exchange just for a test - never had a smallest problem with update. No offense here, just my thoughts: Seriously… like how stupid one needs to be to have to get manual with picture directions like a 3 year old? We are no longer in ancient egypt times… I find Instructions provided in the executable file easy enough to perform an update successfully.

What about non English speakers.

Its a PDF it will not hurt any trees

It should contain how to update and a link to if you get things wrong. Common things to try before contacting support

For example the X1800 update package did not contain any instructions. I was confused as I wasn’t sure if there was an update mode or I could simply just start the update in the regular mode

If the units were autoupdating via internet like a phone, It will be understandable


Sorry then, You are right, here. But then just write it in multiple languages? As many of us stated on the forum as Denon Dj community - we can help to develop language aid for manuals and software (multilanguage system) Anyway, the update is very simple.


A bunch of condescending entitlement on this thread. It’s so toxic and ignorant to gatekeep the format of directions. Really? It’s like the to-sync or not-to-sync silly argument again.

Where’s the support for our fellow peers?

That’s pharaoh nough…


To-sphinx or not-to-sphinx is indeed a silly argument.

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