So after playing nearly one year in my residency, I'd like to do a "best of" so most played tracks and more importantly - most requested

What I can’t see is how to see that on the engine dj desktop software or in the prime 4 or 4 go?

Engine records a play count, why doesn’t it keep track of it, or am I missing something ?



please vote on the feature request here.

Play count and play count sorting - Feature Requests / New/Open Requests - Engine DJ Community


Hello. On your computer, go to history and see everything.

Sorry to be thick, but where in engine desktop is “history” ?

Voted - it’s needed completely agree !

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You can see the history when you have your performance drive attached to your PC, its in the drives section and you can export them as CSV or JSON files.


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Ah cheers, so it doesn’t sync back to the main system, that’s really annoying.

So if I play with 2 drives, (once a month we do a special) any tracks from there won’t be on the drive that’s used the other 3 weeks ? That’s really annoying - but thanks for showing me where it is

If I understood you correctly. When you connect the drive to your computer, the history will be updated.

So drive a b c all have Track 1 and it gets played 3 times on each.

History for that track will show 9 or 3 on each drive after sync ?

I don’t know. I have one shared drive. The program shows each time a track was played, indicating the date.

Thanks, I need to test and come back to it.