Slipmats for M players

Is there a favorite you guys have for these? I can’t seem to get the feel just right on the stocks ones. I’m blaming those right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

I had the stock ones in my SC5000M’s, and I managed to get it buttery smooth, perfect for scratching and some fast turntable tricks

What’s up @Djscottyb,

Like @NoiseRiser said, I got mine to feel good too. I also upgraded to 12InchSkinz Control Discs with a Dot Pattern for better grip.

Another option is to purchase Serato Butter Rugs and cut them to size.

Good luck!

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Personally I hated the factory wafer thin ones as they were to slippery for my liking. I’m not a scratch DJ nor do spin backs.

I found some felt in a craft store and cut some out to size. Feels much better and I can feel the bite of the torque, this for me is just right.


Memories! That’s how I made my FIRST mats for my Technics 1200’s WAAYYYYYY back in the day…and I mean WAYYYY!

Great idea and a really cheap solution.

I think slipmats on the platter is´nt a good idea, because of the touch sensor. Do you think your body resistor goes through the slipmat ?

The M models have no touch platters and they use slipmats under the vinyl.


Ah, okay thanks for the info.

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Holy smokes! Yes! Thank you guys, appreciate the tips but man felt did the trick! They’re perfect now! 60 cents later! Haha Just beautiful! Thanks again!