Sleep mode for 3900's and engine on iPad?

djvoltaire Post 04 May 2013 16:08

Hi All,

I’ve tried searching but could not find anything on this.

Does anyone know if the 3900’s have a sleep mode/ or timeout feature for Engine?

If I let my 3900’s sit idle for about an hour or so, i’m unable to start up Engine on iPad.

What i did to resolve this was to activate a WOL (Wake On Lan) signal via my iPad and Fing app. After I send the WOL signal to any one SC3900, i’m immediately able to bring the Engine app up.

Any idea?


DENON Post 05 May 2013 14:10

Hi djvoltaire,

The SC3900 does have a SLEEP mode at least for CD playback after 10min of inactivity, but it wakes up as soon as you press any key on the deck. (its instant)

Are you using an external HDD as your source? That may have a sleep mode too, but again the deck will ping the drive to wake it up when required.

I’m not familiar with WOL.

djvoltaire Thanks for the response Sil,

I changed my network equipment (it’s a Trendnet 8 port gb switch, and has energy saving features), think that may have been the issue. I swapped with a Clear 4g modem, has two network jacks and wifi built in, and had it running for 3 days straight with my entire set up. I do have to occasionally refresh Engine on the iPad, but so far have not been able to replicate the error after the hardware swap. I am using the 32gb Patriot Autobahn usb thumb drives.

Many Thanks

DENON Post 08 May 2013 05:13

Great and thanks for the update. I checked too and our system never goes to sleep except for CD in CD mode after 10min of non-use