Showing artist and title on screen (as per web image)

I just noticed that an image of the Prime 4 shown on the Denon DJ web site has both artist and title displayed on the LHS deck.

However, this does not seem to be possible on the unit itself. Indeed there have been several requests (often with no response) made here in the past.

Now I just discovered that if you change the track display option from tag to filename, it does display artist and title (if your files are named that way) but it also displays the extension, and it’s all on one line - not as shown in the web site picture.

Can we have some clarification please Denon?

Far more interesting, and maybe linked to your query, is that the track Title on the left says (vocals only)

Could this be some “accidental” (cough cough cough) leak of stems from any track functionality for prime ?

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Oh yes, so it does :microscope:

Since posting it’s dawned on me that this is actually an old version - because there’s a tab between the buttons at the bottom. We don’t have that now.

So, an “update” seems to have removed a useful feature.

It seems to me version 1.3: it did not have the upper bar with the quantize, continue, stop time, record settings, but version 1.3 had that small button with the triangle to access the menu with those settings.

This seems right: if you set to display the name of the file, obviously it displays everything you have written in the name of the file.

A small note in general: don’t you have the impression that in the last few days there has been a big drop in the presence of DenonDJ staff here on the forum? This was evident in recent months because of the COVID, but now what will be the problem?

Please please please Denon.

There’s still covid though

That said though, even before covid, denon staff presence wasn’t 24 7 365. Could be a good thing though- no staff here on the forum for a while could mean all the staff are offline beta testing or writing new firmware or Engine prime codes.

During the COVID period, companies activated smart working: therefore if they want to respond, they could also use a smartphone at home.

Do you think that the guys who answer here on the forum are those people who take care of creating the firmware and doing the tests? I believe that this is not the case in large companies. But I would be happy to be proved wrong.

Companies? Every single one? That’s a massive generalisation. But I know what You mean, some did.

There’s probably more of a “what to respond with” corporAtely aspect than most individuals have to consider. Any of the driving influencers of the denon staff who spend a few minutes or longer Per week on the forum could jump in and say all sorts of things, once they’ve checked with their colleagues. But that check with colleagues will be a much slower process now than when it was a case of turning two office chairs toward each other.

Everything’s slowed down during covid - it’s still affecting so many aspects of every area

Dammit, I’ve only just recovered from the whole ‘stems’ excitement the other week! Can you imagine if Denon actually did this?

The first manufacturer that brings this awesome new stems tech to their firmware will see sales skyrocket! Not only that but anyone wavering on whether to keep their Denon hardware will be customers for life! :smiley:

I doubt the internal hardware is up to the job. VDJ requires a beefy machine to handle the processing, and so does Djay. Although Djay installs on my iPad, it won’t run the Neural stuff.

Typically, any standalone hardware only gets a processor capable of running the OS and that’s all.

Yep, you’re probably right. I have no idea what processor, RAM etc is sitting inside the Prime2/4, or whether it would be up to the heavy lifting for this tech.

Side note: DJay neural stuff runs fine on my iPad Pro (2015). :man_shrugging:

Mine’s an Air 2 (2014). It’s still accepting iOS updates though, so all good for now. The DJ apps on it are really only for messing around or maybe backup at a gig.

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