Show your home DJ booth

Denon to me are the people who design a perfect 200mph supercar but forget to fit the starter motor.

All valid points, Y’all, but we should keep it there…‘they’ don’t like it when we go too far off topic.

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Mwah sometimes yes. I might move this out of “show booth” to “discuss booth” though. :wink:

You might, and probably rightfully, no offense taken when you do that. JWill would just close the topic, which is another deal…

But look, as long as I don’t feel Denon is getting it’s act together regarding enough dev-resources and allocation of these resources , I will keep my voice getting heard. I’ll try to do that in a mature and constructive way (allthough I may miss that mark sometimes, I’m only Human After All…). If you read anything about customer relations, the fact that I do this means I still care about Denon, and want them to succeed. Matters would be much worse when I would remain silent about it, and just sell my Denon gear, which means I would not give a damn about Denon anymore. In the first case Denon could still convert me to a brand ambassador, in the latter case all is lost.

The fact that Denon representatives silence such comments (by ie closing a topic) means that Denon has no clue about how customer relations work, and is just an insult to those customers who take the time and effort to write down how they feel about certain features and products.

And I have to be honest: If today I would buy a pair of media players again, I would just buy Pioneer, despite that costing me 1500-2000 euros more. I’ll say even more, 2 months ago I was looking around for a sequencer in a dawless setup: I avoided Akai harder than COVID, just because it’s an InMusic brand. The only reason I still care and put effort into this forum is that I don’t want to loose money by selling my players second hand…

Anyway, I’ll refrain from commenting offtopic now :wink:

I will not silence critical voices and tbh this specific topic can’t really go off-topic.

However, this topic was meant to be filled with lots of pictures, so last year I made a spin-off topic for the bigger discussions about it. :nerd_face:

Hence: Show your home DJ booth - Discussions



Here’s mine.

and the lighting


I’ve finally got some Denon gear in my home booth, been using the Prime 2 for gigs for just under a year. The idea here is to get some 3 deck mixing in Serato. I made the stands myself from 18mm plywood and they need a couple of tweaks to get them in the right place (base plate butted up against the 1210 feet)… overall happy with the setup though, I’ve got space for my NAS and router in the hollows behind the uprights too.


( ( ( ( M O O D ) ) ) )


Moved post to here, where this one belongs :sweat_smile:

I always wondered why there are 2 "Show us your DJ booth threads. This one is under DJ Lunge traktor for some reason

Someone tagged this one with a Traktor tag early on. The other thread is for gear discussions that result from this thread, this one is supposed to just be pics with minor commentary.

Traktor tag removed accordingly. Not needed anymore imho.

I opted for the idea to make a side-chain topic to have the original topic full of pics (plus some brief comments) and the other one to discuss extensively about the home booth.

Back on-topic: Less text and more photos, peeps!! :sunglasses:


If you were to set those decks at an angle would they operate normally?

Beautiful setup. Super Clean. Love the accent

Love this … full swing pro setup.

Thumbs up on those Dateqs! Vooral die vibe is erg bijzonder!