Show your home DJ booth (Part 1)

I love the v10 to be honest.

I had the 5000M’s after the jog version and I loved them but if I’m having my 1210’s there aswell, that’s where I’m getting my vinyl fix. It was a hard choice tho for sure, one I still think about now. Maybe I will just add one on the end :thinking:

Nice setup!

Still waiting for my 6000s. I guess, Germany receives a later shipment :cry:


I always wondered if anyone would buy the V10 :joy: that thing is HUGE

Nice setup!!


V10 is about the size of djm2000. But the SC6000’s :heart_eyes:

oh nice I had one and miss it A LOT!! never took it out of the house though.

Ya they look perfect those 6Ks.

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Here’s another change in the final product that I noticed:

Pre-production encoders

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-16 um 08.30.16

Final product encoders

Bildschirmfoto 2020-08-16 um 08.30.54

The ones on the pre-production models do look more refined, but probably won’t make much of a difference.

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The actual ones are the same as the 5k had just in black not in silver.

That’s what I thought :slight_smile:

Yes that is correct. I think it was a deliberate choice. The encoder steps are about the same as the ribs of the oldstyle knob. With more ribs, you’d expect smaller ticks/steps.


I think the whole “ just like vinyl “ ship has sailed.

The “huge” resurgences of vinyl that the media shove in our faces every few years seem to be more hyped and faster to disappear each time they bubble up and even then, the surge in vinyl sails are more for the collectors / nostalgic old hat yesteryear class re-issued LPs like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Bowie etc rather than much of any trend forming in current tunes. There are some tiny exceptions, but nothing of note.

But also in DJ use, less new DJs are all that fussed about doing it the old way. Tell them that their going to lose that nice mid platter color screen that denon introduced on the 5000, by having a motor and it’s nearly always killed off the motor thoughts - much rather have a color display thanks

Cool it’s great to have choices.

I don’t think I will be buying a non motorised flagship.

Everyone will have their own idea about which model is the flagship model - “most expensive” doesn’t earn the title of flagship for a 6000 if someone’s looking for fx and a built in mixer n 2 decks all in one (see prime 4) or flagship doesn’t come into it if you think you need a battery solution etc.

What’s top of the range for some will be I’d never use that costly feature , for others

Sometimes it’s better not to stick the “flagship” flag in any product, thereby forcing the public to make their own mind up by actually reading the spec sheets rather than guessing what “of course it will, probably” features are “bound” to be on each great model.

High end then :sweat_smile:

I don’t think there’s a low end in the prime range

Premium :man_technologist:t5:

Loving my set up I but really gotta get rid of the KRK’S and replace them with Adams A7’s


My player arrived today. Unpacked one for now, will do the other later (family time :blush: )

So far a nice step up from the 5k. Love the big screen and how the buttons feel.


sick setup!! love the mixer and the headphone :smiley:

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LOL how do you have the heart to only unpack one?! that’s like saying only a little foreplay today and sex tomorrow LMAO Im obviously joking, looks great and have fun.

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The Prime 2 and Prime 4 if comparing to the SC with X mixer setup. All a matter of prospective. I say that not to put those products down but more from the perspective of capabilities. May not be much of a difference but some at least.

No doubt the whole prime family is better than any other product out there right now. Love the direction Denon is headed.

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