Shoutout to forum members

I think there is far too much pointing, ridicule etc. of individual users’ opinion and expectations.

We all use our equipment in different ways, some of us are more advanced in our way of playing than others.

And therefore some of us is looking for solutions to the opportunities we see in the Prime series, and in what Denon themself has put us in view, both with ChangeYourRider, but also because back in time, they even invited us users to come up with ideas for what the equipment should be able to do in the long term.

Let’s try not to attack the individual’s opinions and expectations, but rather let us inspire each other and help Denon create the ultimate series of DJ equipment.

Some are happy with the update that has been, others are not.

If you are satisfied then it is cool - enjoy it.

But do not believe that those who are not, are trolls and only is here to create trouble.

We just expected more after all that wait. And we would like to express that.

After all, this is one of the things that a forum like this is for.

Again, if you’re happy, then enjoy it.

But please, do not attack on a personal level just because you do not agree with the opinions and expectations others express.

Sorry for the misspelling.



I agree with your post.

I think Denon DJ could have done more with the update, but… even before the update the Prime series was absolutely killing the competition. After the update the prime series is on a whole other level.

My experience is that the people complaining are expecting the players to act more like controllers, however, we should be pitting them against the NX2 series, not Serato or Traktor DJ software. For those who want full controller style functions, there is Serato mode.

On the whole I think people need to stop bitching, yes there are some areas that need work on - BPM analysis being the main one as a HipHop/R&B DJ, but I can manually correct the files with Engine PC software. Others like in-built sampler are nice-to-haves, but also mostly controller features, which if you go into any club (in the UK at least) are not available anyway so there’s no loss there…

Point is, no other player does what the primes do, or anything even close.

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words to live by

@JonnyXDA - thats it… I dont see it as people bitching, moaning or whatever you want to call it.

I see it as people want the basics to work 100% - it doesnt! I agree that sampler etc is a nice to have, but when you think about it, Denon brought it upon themselves, when people bring their wishes.