Shift functions lock up denon prime 4

Been using the Prime for for a bit with VDJ for my video gigs, no issues. Out of nowhere, if I need a shift function, the board becomes useless unless I reboot the board… Nothing changed when this started… So since then I made sure firmware was updated, VDJ running the latest public build, same issue. Only happens with Virtual DJ and no other software or in stand alone mode… Other users in another form have reported the same issue. Im using a Mac with Majave OS 10.14 (the latest my Mac will take) . Tested with Serato, no issues at all, same in Standalone mode… See video for a demonstration of this issue

Maybe @PKtheDJ can help you: he is the most experienced in VDJ.

All I can say is that my Prime 4 doesn’t do this. I’ve been using it almost daily with VDJ to stream for an average of 3 hours. I use shift to switch pad modes, and have no problem.

I’m on PC though.

I have posted this on another forum and many users are having the exact same issue as me … we don’t know why it is happening

What forum, and how many users?

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I have found the issue… On Mac… When the video transition Extreme Cut is selected and I press the left Shift on the unit… This issue happens… Not sure why but I tossed that transition in the Ignore list as I don’t use it anyhow… Avoiding that seems to have solved my issue

Is there anyone else using the Prime 4 on Mac that can give this a try?

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