Serato Import (internal & external HDD)

Hi Denon Community,

i have a question regarding the import function from Serato. My library is hosted on the internal drive and a external hdd as well. What´s the easiest way to import the whole library incl. crates/tracks completely from the internal and external drive to engine prime.

The sync manager will copy all the crates and files from serato to engine prime. Regardless of where the files are, right?


Easy as

  1. Launch Engine Prime
  2. Open the Serato collection tab in EP. If it’s not showing you need to activate it in settings
  3. Update Library
  4. Right Click, add to crates or add to collection

Thanks Mufasa,

so i can transfer my whole library to an other external drive, right?

Why do you want to transfer your entire library to another external drive?

Because i want to use my library with the prime4 on a external drive. Unfortunately my serato library is on the internal drive and an external drive as well. Are problems here to be expected?

Engine Prime sync manager will transfer all the files you select to the Prime4 drive.

Eg you make a crate in serato that contains tracks from INT and EXT

No you start EP and update your serato crates in EP

Now you plug in your Prime 4 drive/USB

You then use Sync Manager to transfer that crate to Prime4 drive

You now disconnect the Prime4 drive from computer and plug that to your Prime4

You will see that crate with all the music contained.

That’s it! There should be no problem

Just make sure that whenever you are looking to transfer cues and update your main collection from the Prime4 drive, that you have your Serato EXT plugged in.

Thank you very much. When i forget to connect my external drive while i update my create, it will the tracks, that can not be found, right (because of the not connected external drive)