Send song to other player?

On the SC5000/6000 players, Is there a way to send a song from one player’s playlist to the other player’s deck?

If not, what is your workaround? I’ve been keeping one player in the prepare folder and the other player in a playlist. Then, sending songs to the prepare folder.

Instant double

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Sorry, I worded that poorly. Is it possible to send an unloaded song from one players browser to the other players deck. Not, deck to deck. Hope that makes sense. Right now I use the prepare list to do this.

As far as I know you must use the prepair list. Works for me Just fine.


I don’t believe it’s available on the SC’s or any media players from any manufacturer currently on the market. @WallyDelux suggestion is great and I have to thank him :+1: because I didn’t know that this existed. AWESOME!

Yeah, I’ve been using the prepare folder. Thank you. I appreciate it guys.

Not currently but this would be a cool add.

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