Send/Return via USB - possible?

I was surprised that the X1800 doesn’t have the feature where you can use the USB port for Send/Return.

This would be useful for running audio through external software, such as ableton, Maschine, etc.

Is this something that could be a possible firmware update, or is it a limitation of the hardware?

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Are you sure it doesn’t? I know it doesn’t have the dedicated usb port like on the competition but since the previous generations of Denon mixer do have the option to use usb send/return it should be also available here.

Hey Ryan, The X1800 can do this if you set the input selection to DVS. Make sure that in utilities that under ‘5. DVS Setup’ all channels are set to their proper line/phono. After that, just make sure you’re receiving/sending on the same stereo pairs on your computer for each channel.

DVS mode sends the mixer input to the computer and then sends the computer audio back out to the mixer channel. Typically this is for sending vinyl time code and piping back the processed track to the mixer.

In your case, it’s using your computer as an insert. If you do anything nifty, you should totally post it to the forum. I’d like to see what you’re doing.


Neat. I suspect if the SC5000’s are connected with SPDIF, this won’t work, correct?

I don’t have anything super cool I’m doing with it just yet, I was just playing around and was curious if it was workable :slight_smile:

You’re right… You have to choose between phono and line in for now. Glad to help and keep us posted if you do end up doing something fun with this feature.

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