Semi rigid carrying bag for SC6000M

Hi everyone,

Does anyone have any references of semi-rigid transport bags for sc6000M to recommend and available in Europe?

Thanks I use these for my SC6000 and Xone 96 - great bags.

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I have the same bag, they are great.

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@Lukas-We @NoiseRiser What is the exact reference for this bag? I don’t see any specific model for the SC6000M on the casebag website. It seems that it is not referenced anymore. Any link to buy it ?

Send them an email. They didn’t update the shop, but on their facebook there is more bags to see. Contact them and they will provide You with proper product.

I’ve bought mine at

Very friendly to help me since my local post f*cked it up and they send other bags (also one for my A&H PX5) without any problem!