Second layer not working!

when the sc5000 start everything seem ok !!! but when i m ready to play i put my usb stick in i load a track on layer A but the light of the layer button don’t light up and i can’t to go on layer b !!!

ok got it thanks

What did you have to do to correct things?

Make sure you didn’t disable it under preferences of the player.

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Make sure that you put up the fader of the channel up because the layer’s color change when the faders are up on the mixer. my settings are (1 & 2 = A & B) for the left player, (3 & 4 = A & B) for the right player. whenever you put down the fader the color of the layer automatically goes white which means ur fader is off. Hope this helps and solves your problem

setting preference was off thanks

Pro Tip - you can enable and disable this quickly by shift pressing the layer button.


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