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How can i get the crate of a song when its loaded or during search?

If i load a song i would like to know in what crate it is placed.

Thanks in advance


no way to know

Hey @brixsat -

To clarify, are you trying to search a song in the Search Bar and find information of what Crate / Collection it’s in? If so, this isn’t currently available but would serve as a great feature request.

For now, to find a particular song in a crate or collection you would need to click on the Crate / Collection and search the song in the tool bar. Hope that helps!

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Please consider that feature for the Engine Prime software too - after adding smart crates and the ability to relocate files of course. :smile:

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Engine OS will search the entire collection, or has this changed?

I believe there was a feature request for searching only in a crate

Perfect description of the problem.

I do believe is an easy fix in the user interface and also maybe a small change in the sqlitedb.

If not possible it should be requested, for the moment i have a pc at my side just for that purpose.

You’re right. I think what @brixsat is looking for is a feature that tells him which crate the searched track is in. Currently, Engine’s search bar will search the entire collection based on a criteria, but it doesn’t share what crate the searched track is in. He would need to click on the crate and type the artist, track title, etc in order find what crate the song is in.

Hopefully that makes sense.

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I often forget the name of a track and which playlist it’s in but will remember another track that I know is in the same playlist.

When using Traktor I could search for the track I do remember and it would then show me which playlist it’s in which provides a great starting point to locate the track I was originally looking for.

Having engine display the list/crate would be awesome.

That is correct.