SD card and prime 2

Hi guys new to the forum and Denon products, got the Prime 2 and so far so good. I do have 1 question if anyone knows.

If I want to store music on and use an SD card can I just load MP3’s MP4’s onto SD card and insert into prime 2 and it will read the tracks, or do i still have to put the songs into Engine dj then plug in prime 2 and sync tracks with sx card?

I think it may be you have to use Engine dj but wanted to ask. I’m hoping it’s the same as plus a usb in and access your music, fingers crossed. Thanks in advance

Hi, welcome to the forum, yea you have to go through Engine DJ Desktop and analyse the tracks first then using sync manager or drag and drop over to the SD card. :+1:

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I would say: Wen you only copy 2 to max 10 tracks to your SD card, you can do this without engine dj. Then you have to analyze this tracks on the device. (Because you have to manualy select every track once to analyze, it takes time. So for a few track this is okay). If you have 100th to 1000th tracks, the way over engine dj is better, because it analyzes all tracks at once.

for an usb-drive from a guest with only 2 or 3 tracks its okay, to stick this directly to prime.

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What’s up @dave2801 and welcome!

You will be able to read tracks directly from the USB, but in order to get optimal performance and use of the Prime 4, I suggests using Engine DJ.