Screen getting stuck on left deck after update

I updated to the new version of software yesterday, and when I went to back out the screen got stuck on the left deck. Only way to reset was a power off. Later played a set and before I finished the last track of the set and was changing a parameter for effects the screen stuck again. Really frustrating. This is also my second unit. Help would be appreciated!

Note this was also happening before the update.

Did your first unit got replaced due to screen freezing? There is a known issue with screen freezing and if hardware related possible by fix by hardware patch done at service centre

Yes I did. It was within the return date and the fixes I had been given here were not proving productive.

Contact Denon support they will help you fix your unit. They say all mcx are given a 3 year warranty so no problem for you

mine is in for screen fix at the moment, not sure where the 3 year warranty bit has came from because i have been told it’s only a 12 month warranty on the mcx, anyway mine is back with denon at the moment for the same issue, they are fixing it for free and mine is 18 months old so out of warranty, apparently it’s a fault with the early boards that causes the screen freeze issue, it effects some users but not all, anyway the current fix is to fit the new mk2 motherboard into these older units which fixes the screen freeze issue. they put mine on as a priority 7 working day repair as well which was good of them, mine is due back the end of this week so i can test in full then.

in my case no, i had a hardware fault

Yes, and that is what its all about. FW updates does not resolve this freezing issues. It’s a hardware problem and as far as I understand Denon have released a service bulletin to service centres now, how to fix this long going problem. And Denon mention the MCX does have a 3 year warranty so basically all units are covered.

well they told me it’s a fault on the older boards and a new mk2 board fixes the problem, in the uk we only have a 12 month warranty on the unit as i’ve been informed by denon.

If you click the link I posted above you will see a statement from JWILL regarding the 3 year warranty. I assume this is goodwill since the mcx design includes this flaw

You should contact Denon directly.

Phone or Email or even PM some of the InMusic staff here.

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