SC6000m getting slower and slower

With every update, my SC6000m which used to be super fast are getting slower and slower. Streaming, lighting control, sampler etc. are all very nice features, but we want to be able to just play music without the screens or audio stuttering and laggy load times.

Our internal SSDs are not overly big at just 120Gb (85Gb of music), the database reguarly deleted. Playlists are folder based with 44.1KHz 16 bit wav files. The players are not linked and the wifi disabled.

We use a USB 3.0 cable to update the SSDs via computer mode.

What is the lowest firmware we can install where all the basic functions will work including computer mode, with a minimum of the other bloat ?

#FeatureRequest Perhaps In Music could consider a slimmed down version of Engine OS in future builds to simply allow DJs to DJ

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It does certainly seem like the newer OS versions are bloated, causing slowness issues.

Have a read of this thread about SSD speeds and some of the findings from other people. I use an SSD in my Prime 2 with onboard DRAM and I have small issues but nothing to worry about. It seems others have resolved slowness issues by buying drives with that spec.

Not saying it’s going to solve anything for you but worth a look.

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We already use SAMSUNG EVOs with 3d nand, these are the same as we have always used, but the access times just keep getting slower.

Ahhhh ok fair enough then, I agree they do seem to be getting slower and slower.

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What is the lowest firmware we can install where all the basic functions will work including computer mode, with a minimum of the other bloat ?

If you use tidal for steaming you can’t look below 2.4 firmware. Tidal seemed to change something at their end which meant that if you used the primes to look at tidal playlists, then tidal threw all its toys out the pram and insisted on being re-paired with a sync code etc etc

Never use any form of streaming. All I want is to be able to update the internal SSDs with computer mode from my computer and play the music. With as little bloat and gliches as possible.

Then 1.something was probably the most likely to have been contorted by user begs for “brand x just got feature y, I want that added to mine free zzz”

I noticed a slowness when using an SSD on the internal connection. Must be something with the SATA controller. Maybe try a mechanical drive and see if the hesitation goes away. I gave up on the feature.

I use a NVME Drive in an external enclosure on the rear usb port. Drive is 500 GB Team Group. Very fast file access with little to no hesitation.

SanDisk SD Cards work well too.

That’s interesting, I have some USB3 sata adapters, I’ll give it a go.

I read in the fourm that some adapters are not recognized by the players. Something to be aware of.

I’m using this adaptor I bought from NewEgg: Unitek M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure, Tool-Free Portable Aluminum USB3.1 Gen2 (10Gbps) Type-C to NVME PCI-E M-Key Hard Drive External Enclosure Support UASP Compatible for M.2 NVMe SSD M-Key 2242/2260/2280 -

No issues at all. Drive is formatted to the exFat file system.