SC6000 tension

Is there any way to make the tension of the sc6000 more loose/light as on the loosest level with the knob? Im coming from Pioneer and think that the SC6000 is very very heavy also with the loosest setting.

How do you like the sc6000s compared to the cdjs? Coming from vinyl/dvs i was never a fan of how loose the cdjs were. I run my 6000s at medium tension. How do they stack up quality wise in your opinion? Do you ever want to switch back?

I’m a Club DJ since 2007 and DJ since 2001. So I learnd DJing on a DJM 600 with two MK1210. I’m a urban DJ do I’m good in scratchin an turntablism. Years ago i switched from Serato by MK1210s to CDJs cause of the bad signals in a lot of clubs and venues. It was a challenge for me first, to get into but I learnd how to practise from 12" to the smaller and non motorised patterns. After I switched to the DDJ 1000 SRT when I’m playing at festivals, open-airs, corporate events etc. Because it was all the time 100% save for me, no problems with connections, software update or what ever. Serato did all the time a very greate job for me. And the tensions of the CDJs2000 and of the 1000SRT is amazing for a non motorised pattern. So thats why I’m lovin’ a light tension to scratch, juggle etc. But im done with Pioneer DJ because of the pilosophie of this company. The S11 was propable the last purchase of this company. So I want to move to Denon DJ and I started with the SC6000. It was not a good start because of a bad untit but the new one will be better, hope so. BUT… I dont like the tension setting of this player… its so heavy also on the lightest setting. I did not play at the lightest settings on the CDJ2000 but on the SC6000 it feels like the medium setting on the CDJ2000. So I read in this forum, that there is a way to make it lighter by modificate it. So I hope, that there is also a way so make the SC6000 lighter?!

So I did not make the full switch to Denon DJ yet. It’s just an approach for me to think about the next steps by choosing my equipement. Denon DJ is much more inovative with double layer, streaming, internal drive and much more, but for me its not just this, what matters. its also to basics like this tension. i also dont like the feeling of the jog wheels but I can handle that, hope to can handle tension too…

and sorry my english is not so good, but I dont want to use google translate, cause I’m sure, that y’all know what I mean and I can enhance my english this way.

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Any reason why you didn’t get a SC6000M if you learned on turntables in the first place? I’d assume that would’ve been the best way to go.

Cause over the past years I played with cdjs all the time in clubs. the turntables are often in a very bad condition with needles, grounding, pitch etc. so I switched to cdjs in 2014 and its feels good to me. When I want to play with turntables now, I use them with phase and serato. But yes, I understand your point. The SC6000 was my decision because of the LC6000 as a stand alone set up. But now I’ve some other problems with the SC6000 :wink: