SC6000 streaming music workflow

I bought a pair of SC6000s just after release. They are great and I really wanted to pull myself away from the other brand…

However, my workflow has moved more and more onto streamed music. This has created a bit of friction with the SC6000s and the Engine ecosystem’s severe shortcomings. Because of this frustration, the other week I pulled my old ‘other’ controller out and re-installed Rekordbox. I hate to say it, but it is just so much easier. I can bulk analyse streamed tracks and I can sort playlists. It’s just so frustrating to see so much effort going into stems when some of the basics aren’t even here.

I really don’t want to move away from Denon so I’ve come to ask you what your workflow is? Are there easy workarounds? Is there a fix on the way?

If you’re moving back to a laptop, why not just use the Denon gear with another piece of software that offers streaming services?

As as improvements go, I’m sure they are working on improving stuff (as they are with many things), but at present none of us on the forum can answer this, and like most other companies, future products and functionality are not public information.

Edit: your other thread covering largely the same subject has some useful answers in it.

I can only tell you that my workflow will never be 100% streaming. What’s on the market today, what I use from time to time, is actually good! Because what I see is that this function would be something more! I can’t understand how much work it is to maintain a local library? On a device that gives you the opportunity to carry an entire extensive library within it via SSDs!??

In 2006 I left Raves aside for a bit and dedicated myself to something that could earn me more, and that’s where I started doing corporate events, weddings and birthdays. I chose to use timecodes because I have always used vinyl. I have always looked after a vast library and used the internet to get something that was asked for if I didn’t have it! Today it’s so easy to do this in the player itself! But just use it? I think it’s very difficult and only you will know how to find a way to not be dependent on an internet connection all the time!

The easy workaround was mentioned, connect your players through HID/MIDI with another DJ software supported by the SC6000.

When you use Serato DJ or Virtual DJ you will be able to a similar experience to that with Rekordbox in terms of using streaming services.