SC6000 Reliability? 2021 Edition

I am looking to upgrade to the SC6000s from a Prime 4. I love the vast feature set, price, and potential the SC6000s have but I am concerned about reliability. It seems to be a concern with most Denon gear and so I am wondering what people’s experience has been in recent months with the reliability of their SC6000s? I’ve found people talk about reliability issue but that was posts back in 2020. Im hoping like most manufacturers, their processes improve over time and reliability goes up… When did you buy them? How long have you been using them? What issues have you experienced?

You have to bear in mind that this forum is not a good place to judge reliability, as posts will be mainly from users who have issues. For every one of those posts, there could be hundreds of other users who have no issues at all - you just don’t see them here.

I know several DJs who own the SC players (plus other Denon kit) and use them regularly, both for streams and real gigs. They love the units and haven’t had any issues.


Have mine since the release in Germany and love them till today.


Ya I get that. Problems are more often expressed. That is why I wanted to make a sounding board for people to say good things. That way we get a better feel for reliability because I don’t know how else I would get this information before dropping $3.2k.

Haven’t had mine for long but they seem to be solid. Buying the extra warranty might help relieve some worries.


I agree with this 1000%. I read a number of these post and say to myself “what the…”? I’ve never had, or can’t recreate many of the issues posted as it relates to the equipment.

I’ve owned the MCX8000, and now own the Prime 4 and SC5000M’s. Ran gigs with both with zero issues. In fact, I did a 6 hour gig yesterday with the Prime 4, running Engine Lighting (freakin’ awesome) and the event went flawless.

I now prefer my Denon equipment over my Pioneer just for the simple fact that they’re more fun to play on.


Same here. Had SC5000’s since 2017 and sold them like 3 months ago. Gigs, home djing, guest djs - they never failed. Now with SC6000 - so far going strong. I see people mostly run in to problems with update, but after short investigation it shows, that most of them don’t read the manual on how to actually do the update. They switch on the PC update mode, and let the device sit like that for 2 hours or so… Or they run wrong updates for wrong player. I had a discussion once with a guy, that wanted to put Prime 4 software on Prime GO and was complaining, that his device is not updating… Ehhh… funny…


SC6000M (SC5000M before that) user here.

No issues. Only success stories.


MCX8000 - Screen freeze issue (famous issue)

1 x SC5000 - Jog wheel replaced under warranty

1 x SC5000M - Main PCB replacement last week (out of warranty repair , at my expense)

2 x SC6000M - No issues

That’s my reality

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I can echo this :fist_right::fist_left: :boom:

How much did it cost? And how long did it take to repair?

294 euros job (shipping, vat)

Delivered to service centre 19th Oct

Parts on “back-order”

Repaired unit is on its way back to me.


I’m running 2 SC6000’s since late august and 0 complaints here. Especially since the 2.x update the players workflow seriously improved.

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@NoiseRiser where did you bought the 6000´s?

I’ve got 2 x SC6000 and an X1850 Mixer and mostly all positive.

Ive got an issue with the jog wheels on my 2nd SC6000 - the tension wheel doesn’t work so wheel either free spins or is rock hard ( no inbetween ) which im sure Denon will resolve. There does seem to be a few posts around regarding similar jog wheel issues but most likely down to a particular batch as the majority of units ( my 1st one included ) are fine.

Apart from that everything seems very well made, no concerns.

Just to add my two pence worth, the Denon SC6000s have been great, worked flawlessly. I’ve only had minor software issues, nothing that stops me playing. The benefit of the Denon system is that things like this can be resolved with firmware updates.

my initial issue with the sc6000’s was the platter response, this issue was resolved by the subsequent firmware update. I have have experienced my players crash mid set and it needed to be re started, my previous pioneer controller had also done the same thing so I am putting this down an unknown technical difficulty, 99% of the tine my 6000’s work as intended so much so i decided to get 2 lc6000’s to be able to enjoy the full experience. No tech is perfect so the closer to 100% the better. For me the 6000s are the best media players on the market at present, I do not see this changing until Pioneer and Denon bring out their updated flagships, which will not be for some time (3-4 years maybe).

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I play weekly on real gigs for 4 months now. Have discovered no issues at all with my SC6000 players (version 2.0.2) with builtin Samsung SSD’s . I really love the units and they give me more then I hoped for. Even the updates give you more and more every time. I also play with Traktor, Technics and Pioneer gear. But I prefer Denon SC6000’s especially when the units analyze on the fly from my other guest USB drives/sticks. More and more dj’s are surprised by what it can all do. Actually It’s a NO Brainer, just upgrade and GO for it! U R Welcome :smiley: Ps. ENJOY the ride. :partying_face:

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1st sc6000 replaced by retailer due to platter noise and inconsistent tension, both sc6000’s now repaired under warranty due to screen freeze, both required pcb carrier and one needed a new screen, however both have been damaged in transit so one is now with service for hopefully a new platter, the other damaged in transit is now awaiting confirmation by service as to how to proceed as it had a new screen which failed after 5 mins…currently emailing to find out whats going to happen, have not had any players for gigs for 2 weeks now. X1850 out of the box gave loud audio pops when running filter sweep, luckily firmware update addressed and fixed this issue without the need to do anything. £3500, does not appear to get me a quality flagship media player, not sure how both have pcb issues and screen freeze, which now after repair is no screen at all. I suspect there are more players ou there with these issues which for me only showed up when i started using engine lighting. (touching top right hand side of screen) before this i rarely used the touchscreen feature. Denon if you read this please reach out and let me know you’ve got this.

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For anyone with the sc5000 series.

Next time you are told that you need a new pcb replacement try to find out what exactly on the pcb failed.

If you’re in Ontario Canada and something is wrong with your deck when the warranty is over PM me first before you decide to take it to a repair shop.