Sc6000 problem

Sc6000 when track is loaded it automatically starts skipping and repeating the first few seconds of track , firmware us up to date ,player just removed from box ,I’ve tried different tracks and still the same problem ,any suggestions

Have you removed any protective film from the platter and NOT touched the platter during boot up?

Yes the film was removed before first startup ,platter was not touched during boot up

Can you post a video? Could it be a sticky or intermittent cue button?

I’d try different brand and speed of usb pen drive

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Hello I have this exact issue it is replicated on beatport tracks and on usb mode . Please can anyone help ? Connected to WiFi and all up to date

Mine is exactly the same but won’t stop just keeps repeating ,I’m trying to upload vid but saying too large a file ,the other player is fine ,I’m using Kingston data. Traveler high speed 3.0 usb stick ,works fine in other player ,I have tried different usbs problem still persists

Hi I believe this to be a playback issue as it’s the same issue with a downloaded track from beatport pro or the usb I am using which I have never had an issue with previously .

I have contacted the place of purchase today as well

Let’s hope some one from Denon can help on here

Worth noting as well once this occurs I have to eject the media as it won’t stop . It’s the same on output A or B and I have also disconnected all leads etc and the issue persists

Pitbull have you got 2 players and is one ok but not the other ? I only have 1

Yes 2 players one is ok

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Thanks really frustrated with this was looking forward to having a play on it

It’s odd as I thought it could be the software update but if one is ok and the other isn’t it could be a hardware issue ? Mine does this occasionally as well . I’ve turned it off for now as I have done all I can personally to resolve it . It’s beyond me sadly.

Yes very frustrating indeed ,I have the prime go and one sc6000 with x1850 so I’ve something to play on but would like this problem resolved

Absolutely they are not cheap and it’s unusable

I had same problem on right hand side deck of prime go,but was resolved by turning off and back on again ,awesome peice of kit if it worked as I should

I think we on the forum can do so much in this case. Please return the unit to the retailer to get it exchanged.


Thanks Reese I have emailed the supplier and will take this approach with them . The question is do I get another or just walk away as it appears from other threads it is not a unique issue . Really quite sad as on paper the player is awesome and the reviews on you tube are favourable as well

The player is in real use same awesome as on paper. Try to get it exchanged as soon as possible.

You will love them as much as I do :smiley:


From the video it looks like the play/pause button is blinking during the stutters. Intermittent play/pause button?