SC6000 & Prime 4

Can we have a better interface between linking a SC6000 to a Prime 4?

Hi @Johnscarisbrick, welcome to the forum.

Could elaborate a bit more?

When I connected the SC6000 to the Prime 4 the FX & sync don’t work between both players, I figured connecting both players together that they would work as one.

It would be nice to have the waveform from the SC6000 come up on the Prime 4 or vice versa

Hope that makes sense

That will not be possible (perhaps never).

Engine Connect protocol supports 4 SC players in single- or 2 SC players in dual-layer mode (at the moment).

Prime4 is already 4 players by itself, so you’re adding a 5th player. You can share media, but other than that is a dead end, I think.

You never know Denon might have a solution one day :slight_smile:

What brilliant players they both are :slight_smile:

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Might be, but I guess Reese has a quite good ability assess things like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe just maybe, the supported device can be upped above 4 someday. I think the competition has gone to 6 now.

Well, knowing that there are upcoming midi-/layer-controllers a solution could be that the prime still has the 4 and it`s just possible to extend your setup with 6000s and more, using the 6000s just as an add-on-display to the p4… well we will see :wink:

Those wouldn’t need the Engine Connect protocol in the same way. That info is kinda linked to the mixer section and players only.

Hm, well I´m out since I see no need of 6 for my self… but equalize my set of a p4 with two layer controllers, i wouldn`t definetly turn down :wink: And I think thats quite possible in near future :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone knows if the feature will come? I mean the LC6000 are also supported as externals now :slight_smile: maybe the SC6000 will also get this feature too

An sc6000 is a tad overkill for a layer controller.

but yes I do get where your coming from