Sc6000 not holding track in vinyl mode

Got 2xsc6000 and 1850 mixer. One of my sc6000 won’t hold onto track in vinyl mode. When you getting ready to drop the track by scratching in back and fourth the track just runs off and plays. Even if you do a spin back it’s not real time? The other deck is fine. Just come off a prime 4 and had lots of other Denon products over the years.

Many of us are having the same issue. For me, one of 6K’s has become so bad it’s unusable. The other was fine but it happened once or twice. I know it’s the weekend but I hope Denon jumps on this on Monday. Another one of our members reported it and apparently it made it to Denon so let’s see what they come back with. I really hope it’s something software related and not a bad batch of 6K’s from an early production run. I’d hate to return them but am ready to do so if warranted. It’s a shame cause they’re amazing otherwise.

I agree they will be going back if this takes a along while!

Just for the record I presume you’re also experiencing the same issue?

Yes. I am having the same and more. Mine freeze during play.

As stupid as this may sound and you may have already done this but I had the same issue and then I took the plastic off and worked fine since then


I removed the plastic covering on mine when I unboxed them.

Hey gang, I just posted an update to their FB page but I thought I’d share it here as well. The USB thumb drive I was using might have been the cause of the slippage. I grabbed a brand new SanDisk SDXC card (128GB UHS-I 150MB/s), copied my library to it, and so far the problem has disappeared! Maybe try that and see if you have similar results. I’m wondering if you need to use high speed external media devices with these units. Who knows but give it a shot!

Worth a shot! Will you let us know if you still have no slipping tomorrow?

If you don’t and all seems well I will purchase a pair of Scandisks instead :pray::crossed_fingers:. Maybe Scandisk has shares in Denon lol. Glad you seemed to have solved the problem for yourself so far though :facepunch: good thinking.

Ps what were you using before?

Absolutely! I had an older SanDisk USB thumb drive. I’m not sure how old it was or the specs, but this is what I’m using now:

So far so good :crossed_fingers:

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I’ve been mixing for about an hour now and it’s still slipping on the SD card :frowning:

Hi did anyone find a fix for the vinyl mode problem? Ive just nought an sc6000 and its doing the same thing

Have you removed the plastic covers on the jog wheels? If not that will fix it :+1:

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