SC6000/M Screen protectors

After hunting around quite a bit I found that Samsung S6 Lite 10.4" protectors will fit on the screen to protect it from scratches. Vertically, they are 6mm short but they cover the viewable area of the screen (because of the black borders, horizontally they are perfect.

I would assume they would fit the Prime 4 too as I think the screen is the same.

The protectors listed on for the SC6000 do not fit and are too large.

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How is the sensitivity affected?

I’ve been itching to remove the factory film on the 6km screens for a while.

I looked at getting glass protection for a tablet but knowing it won’t be a good fit or have camera\mic cut outs kinda puts me off.

Would be nice to find a 1:1 full screen protector

Sensitivity is fine. No problems.

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Why would we expect to get scratches in the display ? I mean with my iPhone or iPad I never got any problems so far.

Is the display from the SC6000 much more sensible ?

Besides the obvious aka shyt happens, not sure on the glass quality myself so it’s just insurance if anything nothing else.

I would be so upset if something like a Nintendo switch remote finds aim and it smashes into the deck screen or headphones being dropped on them etc

Decksavers make them look ugly and flight cases to aggressive. These need to be admired in their rawest form :hugs::hugs::hugs:

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Ok, now I get you. It’s just for the case in case :slight_smile:

Honestly I was really afraid that it’s already known that the glass quality of SC6000 is horrible.

I have the 5000m almost since first release and I still have the plastic film on :adhesive_bandage:

Here’s a horribly abused prime4. Everything damaged except for the ________.

Same screen as the 6000

Just don’t understand how anyone let’s their gear get in such a state.

I’ve had multiple set ups over the years and it’s always looked the same as when I bought it!

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What if…!


I don’t see the harm in having the extra insurance for flying bottles or some random 'ish when at the Bar/Club. But, this is why Decksavers were invented…for ultimate protection at home. I have Decksavers on all the gear I have (SC6000s, Xone:96, Xone:K2, Push2…waiting to order LC6000) that they support. In fact, I just ordered two CDJ-3000s and a DJS-10000, and I also ordered Decksavers, at the same time, for each. I just go a head and factor the cost for them (provided it’s supported) into whatever purchase I make.

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Deck savers are great for protection, but I found them a bit too expensive for the quality, they are. The deck savers get scratches very fast, and fit on some devices is tight. And that actually scratches the device it should protect…

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Wow, that’s not been my experience at all. That’s a shame. Yeah, if that happened to me, I might feel differently about them.

I have couple of setups. With 2 I travel. The deck savers at home, were good for longer time but also getting scratched. The ones that were traveling in cases on the devices were very badly scratched (and the case has a foam inlay).

I am looking for some alternatives at the moment.

Why not get a larger screen protector and cut it down to size?

Think the tempered glass protector over the original factory film type is preferred !??!

Size we need on 6000 is 240x159mm. Not easy to find. Typing 10.1 brings up a host of tablet protectors which has the cutouts etc

Lowest is 217x135mm (view size before bezel) but if it’s not edge to edge it will look bad

I stopped hunting around Halloween time but now it’s on my mind again lol

What will cause scratches if it is stationary and covered while not being used? I do not see a use case for this unless you do not have a case when it is not being used or a curious cat.

LOL! I thought I was the only one. It’s nice to have company :smile: is your best bet for denon media players display glass screen protectors. You just measure out the display area and custom order them to fit. I have both my SC5000M’s display screens protected from dust fingerprints oils scratches etc


Nice find.

Just ordered the 3 pack glass ones.

Thanks for sharing this.