SC6000 Has wifi but no internet

Has anyone had any issues with connecting the SC6000 to internet? I can connect to wifi fine and see the player on my router, but the clock won’t sync and I can’t connect to tidal/soundcloud/beatport. Is this a known issue or a problem with my network?

What do you mean by “the clock won’t sync”?

Afaik, there is no issue with this, never heard of any.

Maybe check your router settings, there might be for example a MAC address filter in place blocking traffic.

It won’t update the time and says there is no internet access. There’s nothing in my router settings that should prevent this connecting. Any way to SSH into the player?

Seems like it doesn’t get a gateway setting if you do see the player on the router.

Are you sure the DHCP scope settings are correct?

Cheers, I’ll check, but I still don’t get a connection through a 5G hotspot either, which makes me think it’s something on the player

You might try a factory reset, but that will reset all settings on the player.

I presume you don’t have another player to check if it’s the network?