SC5000s and VDJ Support

So we’re a little while into midi support being added to the player - but so far only for Serato. Any timeline for support for other software? I still use VDJ when doing video shows, and would love to not be leaving the Primes at home on those nights.


As far as I can see in the driver, there is no MIDI support, only HID. And it is not clear if any other company besides Serato has received the communication protocol to use HID.

Might be some contract obligation to Serato to limit third party support for x amount of time after launch?

Makes no sense to freeze out other DJ software. Wasn’t like the Primes were launched with Serato DJ. And you have to pay to use Serato with it…DVS or Club Kit or Serato Full License.

Exactly - if Denon wants mainstream acceptance of their media player, it needs to work with as much as possible, as quickly as possible. Can’t be giving people excuses not to want them.

That, plus before release they did say they would have a base midi mode available.


Virtualdj has a huge loyal user base. Makes no sense to exclude them. All it achieves is isolation of the product.


Doesn’t matter. If you want your hardware to be supported by Serato, you have to sign a contract with Serato and who knows what kind of obligations is included. What doesn’t make sense for Denon brand makes perfect sense for Serato.

Thinking of what was available from launch …could it be the ability of Engine Prime to read Serato library…might be that.

I know RKBX didn’t support the S9 for a while too but the S9 shipped with Serato and Serato is plastered all over the mixer. That’s understandable for that partnership

I’m a Serato user btw…