Sc5000m with motors off?

Is there a way to turn the motors off and use the platters like you would the non motorized units? Like if I could “scratch” with the motors off that would be nice due to alot of people playing on this rig not being use to the motors, its definitely different trying to jog forwards on motorized units… anh help would be greatly appreciated

Sure is- just press the motor button on the mid left :wink:

When the motor is off, you can only scratch when paused. When motor is off and you’re in play mode, you will get jog bend.

It would be nice if there was a setting where I could “scratch” while the motor is off and the track not paused… this would fix the issue of having dj’s trying to figure out how to jog forward with the motor running… essentially make it to where I can use them just like sc5000 when motor is disabled

What do you mean by “jog forward”?

I have mentioned to InMusic a design that combines the two models that oddly enough since me bringing it up NI went ahead with such a controller design. In the current situation, the SC5000 has a touch jog and the SC5000M doesn’t but has a motor. If you want to scratch instantly from a play state, though, turn the motor On and scratch like a real record player. You’re not going to get any better than that in digital. The old Numark Axis 8 (first large tabletop scratch DJ CD player and still some unparalleled features) and CDN-88 did not have a great method of scratching, as it would only start the scratch algorithm upon motion of the non-touch jog. I think I found a method using some sewing thread wrapping around from underneath the Axis 8 to the top face and hugging the bottom of the jog that improved it by adding adjustable resistance, but touch still works better. The Axis 9 was a step up. Probably the best non-customized scratch emulation for touch jogs right now is Deckadance 2 if you haven’t checked it out. I can’t imagine someone trying that and feeling either like it’s unnatural & unintuitive or that they’d prefer a non-touch, static (no motor) jog with it. In VDJ 8 you can tweak some of the settings for it, but DD2 gets it real nice for touch jogs right off the bat.

Sorry, but 12 seconds is too short for me to fully understand what’s happening. You have the motor quickly off and on and are moving the jog around. You kick it into play mode so briefly I can’t even tell if it completely starts playing or not. Your stop speed is also at 3 o’clock. I think I hear scratching while in pause mode for a few of those seconds, which is normal.


  1. With motor off, you should not be able to scratch with the jog while in play mode, rather only bend should be possible. That’s expected behavior on the M and I certainly don’t want that changed. You want to scratch on the M while in play mode, turn the motor on.

  2. When coming from play mode with EITHER motor just switched off OR motor on + having just hit main cue, you will currently not be able to jog bend or scratch until the platter has first completely stopped moving. This is a less-than-perfect & simplistic way it’s currently coded in the firmware to prevent both errant pitch bending while staying in play mode on the former and also track position from drifting when you hit main cue on the latter. Hopefully it can be improved later to start using jog rotation again based on velocity going back up past some threshold.

If neither of those situations seem to be the cause of some problem you’re having, then you might have a defective unit, but it’s difficult to tell from such a short video.

I dodjt mean to post that video here but since you’re interested I’ll upload the full vid, I accidentally edited it