SC5000M platter not working

I had 2 brand new SC5000M and a X1800 delivered yesterday and the platter doesn’t work at all on one of the SC5000M. It doesn’t spin so and doesn’t respond when touched either. If i turn MOTOR mode off and press play the deck plays but nudging the platter does nothing. It’s bank holiday here this week so the company i got it from aren’t open until tuesday so i thought i’d post on here to see if anyone knows anything on the issue

Is the vinyl attached properly to the spindle?

Make sure the bolt lines up with the groove on the spindle.

yes it is on properly

Try to reflash the most recent firmware or a version earlier.

If that fails, return it.

have tried that also. shall ring them up tomorrow and get it returned and replaced i reckon

Hey can I ask where did you get them from? I had the same issue with a deck… Recently sent it back to DJDeals… The shipped out a new one, all fixed…

Same place mate djdeals. I also noticed on the one that didnt work that the serial number on the unit didnt match the serial number on the box and manual, same with the replacement player they sent me serials dont match. The serials on the one that worked from the start and the x1800 matched the box but not the faulty one and replacement

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That’s outrageous and they certainly have taken the P out of you…

The new deck arrived and as the box was open I placed the faulty one inside, hence the serial number… Which, I bet ends in 01316.

Dodgy company, they have taken over two weeks to refund me, still havent had the cash in the bank…

My bet is that the start button only worked when the motor was turned off and if you pressed start the track played for 1/4 of a beat…

Bang out of order, they need a word in their ear…

Obviously you dont care much so good luck…

Spooky. People swapping the properly-functioning unit that passed QA with a gray market unit that failed QA? I wonder who, and I wonder at what stage the swap occurred.

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Nah thats not what happened… It looks like it was the deck I sent back to DJDeals, as I swapped the box’s over when my new one arrived. sending the faulty one back in the new box.

DJDeals are bad very very bad… Even refunded me via an eCheque, still no money back.

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Ive heard tons of bad stories about DJDeals in the past. However, selling re-packaged units as brand new is not only shady, it’s illegal in most countries.

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