SC5000M pairing with Rane 72

I have a question is it possible to pair the Rane 72 with the SC5000M’s and have the waveforms display on the 72 Screen? If not can anyone at Denon let us know if there’s update for this being worked on?

If you’re asking about standalone with waveforms on 72 - no, not possible. I doubt they work on it or will ever work on adapting a SDJ focused mixer to project waveforms from standalone units that are right next to it. Just use SDJ when Serato adds compatibility for 5000M

Yeah I was actually hoping to go Stand alone with the 72 and the 5000M’s but they dont play nice with the 72

No reason why the 72 won’t work with the 5000 in standalone (regular analogue mixer mode)

You won’t get waveforms on the 72s screen

AFAIK the 72 does not have BPM autodetect for analogue sources, so you have to tap the tempo before engaging FX.

Serato mode - I think they fixed the issue I had with the recent firmware update…the 72 didn’t work with the 5000s when I tried it many many months back.

I was wondering if the issue was really sorted out with the Sc5000 and the Rane 72. I read that several persons had issues using HID mode with the 2 devices. They mentioned the mixer froze when using Serato DJ in HID.

I am looking to replace my 62 with the 72 and I was hoping that the issue was resolved. Can you tell me if the 2 will work together?

I have this combo, and i had a hard time figure it out, and get it to work together. After the latest firmware update it is working for me anayway. But for some reason you have to set Serato to 2 decks in offline mode before connecting for som strange reason.