SC5000m not working with serato dj pro in HID mode

hey, everyone, I have a problem. I have the new sc5000m, I am trying to use them in HID mode with Serato DJ but the players can not find Serato DJ . all I see on the sc5000m is looking for the computer. can anyone help… I am on my middle east gig soon and want to talk there’s out with me.

thanks for your help in advance Dj Flex

Congrats on your new gear. I don’t think Serato support is available on the 5000M yet.

In the interim you can use the timecode signal on a USB stick to use DVS assuming you have Dvs compatible mixer/audio interface/DVS Plug in.

Serato do not support the motorized ‘M’ model. Some people over at Serato don’t think they ever will either.

I did chat to someone at serato Dj today. They told me it will be coming out soon. Let’s see

Yes that’s what I have done for now. Hope they bring a update out soon. Stand alone is good. But I am finding latency From the hot cues to the song. It’s not Instant

Have you tried switching off “quantise” to remove hot cue re-timing (sometimes thought of as delay/latency)

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Of course he didn’t. Nobody reads manuals or gives time to get to know their new expensive equipment before coming to forum and saying they have a problem/give a suggestion.


thank you [S_Anderson] it worked!!! cue is instent now… that was a major worry for me… thank you so much for your help now I I need is th Serato link and I am all good to go… thanks again Dj Flex

I would like to know if you’re referring to end users on the Serato forum, or if you have come to that conclusion based on some official statement.

Either way, it’s planned.


Forum users.

I’m from Denon DJ. I’m saying that it’s planned and coming. I don’t know if I can be clearer than that.


Ah great, so it is 100 percent coming then? and when?

Any news on MPC use too ?

100 percent. I’m afraid I can’t promise a specific date, other than to say that it’s coming soon.

I don’t know what you’re asking here. Can you be more specific?

Integration of any kind with AKAI MPC or a fix for the Midi start on the Denon x1800.

There is nothing announced yet for MPC integration.

Can you describe how you would like to use MIDI clock on the X1800?

Perhaps I can revert your attention to this thread.

The same problem and threads also exist over at Serato/MPC/Maschine forums.


Hey Vince, just a question from a user perspective: Why the delay? We as users did understand why it took months from Prime range announcement (that had SDJ support confirmed) until it was implemented but it’s a little baffeling for the M model not to have it from launch. At least announced by Serato also.

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Rest assured, we and Serato are working on this support at this moment - once the integration is complete it will appear in a near future FW update.

What about the Midi Start problem on the x1800 as Denon staff seem to be silent on it?

It’s a clear fault that everyone has so definitely is a Hardware/Firmware issue.

A response from anyone at Denon would be appreciated.

Not worth hijacking someone else’s thread for though - I’m sure there’s a thread elsewhere about midi bits n bobs

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