SC5000M intermittently freezes during set

Has anyone ever experienced this? So I’ve tried just using Engine Prime software to export my playlists to USB drives (3.0). This was successfully done. I then insert the USB drives into my 5000M players, and it is ready to go.

From here, when I load some random tracks, I experience 2 issues:

  1. The decks would freeze after trying to load the track. Sometimes, it would fail and say that the track might be corrupt. But then, I’d try it again, and it would finally load fine.

But then,

  1. When you try to queue the track to be played next, it would lose audio in the middle of the track.

I noticed around this time that the USB drives were flashing red. Which tells me that it was somehow busy trying to do some sort of analyzing. And if you give it a couple of seconds, everything runs as expected. When I just used Rekordbox to export my playlists to USB, and then inserted them to my players, I never experienced this freezing issue before.

If Denon wants consumers to convert fully to Engine Prime, this cannot happen especially during a performance.

So I just wanted to start this thread up to see if anyone has seen this before.

Unlikely to be the 5000

Where did you have the usb drive plugged in on the 5000 , like which port ?

Plugged them into the front ports of the 5000M. And thinking about this more, the only thing different that I did was that I formatted the drives to exFAT instead of Fat32. I may try to revert back one of the drives to FAT32, store some playlists in it, then try that.

The front usb socket is only usb 2

The back sockets are usb 3

Some drives saaaaaaay they’re usb 3 with usb 2 backwards compatibility, but some 3.0 drives are better at imitating usb 2.0 than others - and when they get it wrong, all sorts of data fireworks ensue

Make sure to format to exfat with 1024 as your unit allocation size.

Was getting errors on a drive which was formatted using 128 allocation size. Even errors copying/packing songs. Said that some file names were too long etc. but after reformatting with 1024, it is right as rain.

Good to know. I’ve just reverted back to formatting the drives to Fat32. And will plug them into one of the slots in the back to see how that goes.

Keep you posted! Thanks for the prompt responses.