SC5000m firmware update 2.3.2

Hey all, I am trying to update my 5km from 2.2.2 to the latest 2.3.2 but when going with the Web update also connection via USB, The screen sits at chip and arrow screen, no progress bar showing any form of status to update. I have let them sit for over 2 hours and no update. Any Tricks or tips on securing the update.

Chip and arrow is a PC cable update, not web update. It needs a update software to run on the Computer. That screen will show forever if You don’t trigger the update from a computer. It literally waits for You to start the update.

Im connected to the PC now, where do I see to update the unit from the Engine app, my engine is updated to 2.3.2

So how do I trigger that update - theres no info on that. All updates I have made were all wireless based

For the X1850 i cant tell if v 1.5 is the latest, is that the most up to date

Did you download the OS updater from Desktop and OS Downloads + Manuals | Engine DJ already?

No, that is 1.6