SC5000M 1.52 update "noise"


I have a denon prime kit (1-X1800 mixer, 2-SC5000 and 2-SC5000M), one of my SC5000M units after the last update (1.5.2) only emits noise when I press play on any track, deck A and B and both in the digital and analog lines, if you reinstall a previous firmware version (1.4.1) just in the digital connection, this would happen, returning the analog line to normal.

What can I do? Is it just a firmware problem, or does my drive have a hardware problem?

If downgrading and upgrading the Firmware does not fix it, try a different pair of cables on different mixer channels. If the issue still persits, it seems to be hardware related. Hope you are still covered by warranty.

This can be also a bad connection on power cable - had that once, and refitting the power cable stopped all issues.