SC5000 V1.2.1 - Update

Ok, which USB port on the SC5000?

What kind of USB drive?

What format (FAT 32, ExFat)?

left player on 1 the other on 4, so channels 1 to 4 a b b a

my bad, front, try the back, sandisk fat32

updating for usb front. it does not work in all ways. player to player connection. also without connection

When the update fails what does the player look like? Could you share a photo of the device when it fails to update?

i will try to share a pic brb

in situation the update does not fail. the software crashes, freezes


Can’t upload pic. But it’s restart and right low in the corner 1.2.0

Thank you for the video. So the 1.2.1 update flashed successfully but the device is not performing as expected after the update. Is that correct?

Are other users seeing this same issue?

Schmoutss Roger68 and I. we at least

@Schmoutss @Roger68 can you confirm you are seeing this same issue after updating your units?!yTRyXSRY!TDeb17rijC7boJmbH0qeMtTd3te5nRTfaCZUx2vV_WU

I´m waiting for information that it works…

I just update laptop software and both 5k’s without a hitch! Hotcues work as they should. Papa is happy!

I used the usb update method as described in the video by Jason.

Loop move forward still loses the playhead tho…

Utility menu still says there is an update available after updating, but when i reboot both units say version 1.2.1 so i think its all good.

its weird that i can succesfully update 1 player to 1.2.1, but the other player not.

i dont have the problems like the video, i have checkt my player with succes 1.2.1. i only have problems with the other player, cant update it

Can you take a video of the update process, and the failure?

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I just updated - couldn´t wait after all…

No problems here - followed the “Update Instructions” for updating by USB. Put the USB in the top port on the back.

I was just going to skip it because nothing in it important to me, though I do like the idea of more scratch room before zero time.

I like the fact that the Hot Cue works now!!!

It matched my play-style 100 percent.

Two things I had hoped for with this update/ bug fix, was ofcouse the Grid changing on the players…No Luck… and the posibility to activate predefined/ saved Loops before starting the track, like you could in the previous version (before the 1.2.0)… No Luck…

Those are still my main issues.

But now that they got the MCX8000 updated as well, one can only dream/ hope, x their fingers that updates will happen in a much faster pace.

I do not wish to be Beta-tester on the SC5000 around this time next year.