SC5000 V1.2.1 - Update

Dear SC5000 users, we are happy to announce today the launch of V1.2.1 Firmware and Engine Prime 1.2.1

Important information for upgrading users:

Engine Prime Software1.2.1 is compatible with all versions of Denon SC5000 Prime players.

Engine Prime Software 1.2.1 is not backwards compatible with Engine Prime Software 1.0.3 or earlier. Switching back to earlier versions may cause undesired behavior and loss of collection integrity. We recommend making a backup copy of the Music/Engine Library folder as an extra safety precaution before upgrading.

In order to add new features to the Prime products, Engine Prime needs to upgrade the music databases on all drives. This is done automatically when any drive is connected to Engine Prime Software or a SC5000. Because this may take some time, we recommend that you upgrade your drives in connecting them to your computer when the Engine Prime Software is open.

Updating via Drive:

Prime Hardware with version 1.2.0 or newer can now be upgraded by adding the firmware directly to a USB stick. This is an easy and convenient way to make upgrade players without the direct use of a computer. To update via drive:

  • Download the standalone firmware from the respective Denon DJ product page on
  • Unzip this and then copy the file to a compatible USB drive or SD card.
  • Insert the drive into the player and, open utilities and then press restart.
  • The player will then prompt that it has found a new firmware version. Confirm to restart.
  • After update is finished, the player will restart again into normal mode.

SC5000 PRIME / SC5000M Prime Firmware 1.2.1:

New Features:

  • Increased the scratchable/playable empty space before the start of the tracks.

Bug Fixes:

  • Releasing momentary hot cues now reset to proper position.
  • Fixed an issue where searching could end up only searching within the previous search results.
  • Fixed an issue where downgrading to an earlier firmware version could break network connectivity.
  • Fixed an issue where continuing to scratch forward/backwards could result in small pops with some audio content.
  • On Air mode now resets properly when disconnecting players from the Denon X1800 mixer.
  • Fixed an issue where the player could reset when attempting to read a corrupted database.

Hello, Big problem when updating my SC 5000, my first player accepts the update, however the 2nd player causes me to block the screen. I can not do anything more research, even the beatgrid is blocked, in addition I can neither eject the USB key, nor turn off the player. What to do ? except to return to version 1.2.0.

great !! It was now Denon, now it seems to work great. Look forward to being faster with these error fixes.

Same problem here! one player works fine and the other works nothing after the update. Everything is blocked! Even can’t turn it off! What to do?

@Schmoutss & @Roger68,

Are you updating via computer or USB/SD drive directly on the unit?

Are you able to reset the unit by holding down the power button for 10 seconds?

Yay, direct updating with a thumb drive!

While this is only a small number of changes and improvements, I’ll be glass half full and say that hopefully this means these updates will be more frequent and with fewer changes on each. I know some people wanted that.


Yes, with any Prime device running 1.2.0 it’s possible. See my quick video of how to do it below.


hello will I updated the following 2 ways firstly through the computer and then by USB stick I managed to get back to version 1.2.0, but with some difficulty waiting for a response

@JWiLL any news about the high end roll off filter or 0.05% pitch range, first firmware was about 0.03 ?

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I updated both players via Thumb drive with no issues.

Noticed that other thumb drive holding some exported music with older EP did a brief updating of the database as well. Took seconds and easily missable.

Refreshing my Serato library now in Engine Prime. Timing it to see if it’s any quicker.

Started at 20:02

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First firmware was nearly true 14bit pitch resolution, like 0.01 increments on the lowest pitch ranges. So yeah, that, no low-pass filter, -6dB processing pad, key lock off = no Elastique processing, ability to hide certain on-screen HUD info, adjustable jog bend sensitivity both ways (say, default at current 1 of 3 back and 3 of 3 forward), and owner lockout are all on my wish list.

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It also happens to me with a player. any solution?

update dont work on 1 player the other player works

I have a issue with the updater(usb) 1 player have finish the update its says 1.2.1 but the other say bussy with update and after nothing says 1.2.0, have try it with diff usb. i have a laptop win7 that cant work. now i cant use the player together because they have diff firmware


When you ran the update, were your units linked together with the network cable? If so, could you retry the USB update without the units networked together?

If they were linked together are they direct player to player or are they going into a hub such as the X1800 mixer?

What version did you upgrade from?

no link, form 1.2.0 to 1.2.1

x1800 hub but i have disconnect all kabels, no succes

Ok, thanks for that information.

What method are you using, a computer or direct USB update?

usb because win7 cant work.