Sc5000 track search keys stop working after a few tracks

Sc5000 track search buttons stop working on the one player after playing a few tracks…can only change tracks from top right jog wheel please help

Can You provide more info, please? What are the steps to recreate the issue? What firmware You have? Maybe a video would also help us understand more to help You?


You wont see anything from a pic or video but basically you turn the player on it is linked to a 2nd sc5000 you mix a few tracks and can select your tracks using the 2 track search buttons but after a few tracks the one player wont let you change trackswith the track search buttons they become dead so you can then only change tracks using the touch screen or big jog wheel next to the touch screen.

InMusic was informed about this some time ago, though I’m unsure if it’s currently being worked on. It also appears to be related to history of played tracks not transmitting from the linked deck to the deck with the drive connected. So played tracks don’t highlight and eventually the previous and next track buttons stop working on the linked deck.

They moved the original thread from the bug report forum to the features request section and then had me split the two issues up.

Ok so im not going mad…when did u send them this issue to resolve?

This is a basic requirement to use the system at any gig totally unacceptable for a product of this nature and when you trying to compete with the industry leader.

Im not sure his issues are related to yours.

Can you state the steps for this issue you are experiencing because I don’t understand which is “one deck”

Maybe use “Right Deck/Left Deck” to describe this

What sorta drive is plugged in?

What format is the thumb drive?

Which deck is the drive plugged into?

Etc etc

my left deck will be perfect but my right will have the track search keys stop working.

this will happen no matter if the usb is plugged direct into the right deck or if it is reading a track from the link cable.

this will happen even if the decks are not linked at all

So in essence it’s a single deck issue?!

Perhaps support can help out?

correct waiting to hear from them…

Contact support or through your retailer

Are you on the latest firmware?

@Reticuli you may want to edit your response to the OP as I think it’s unrelated to his issues. Seems more hardware than what your links are about.

yes on the 1.3.1

does support read this or is it on a different forum?

I’m pretty sure the problem I identified only occurs on the linked deck, but it might be happening regardless of linking. I will re-check on my end and I recommend the OP do the same on theirs. Honestly, there are so many quirks on Prime it’s hard to keep track of all of them sometimes.

Agree thanks let me know.