Sc5000’s rebooting randomly

Right can anyone answer this question straight forward, once and for all. Can’t post it on Facebook coz some people “moan” when I express concern with issues. To put it simple, my decks freeze and reboot pretty much every gig. I use 1 x 256gb usb 3 x 1tb hard drives (not full by any means) 1 x 64gb sad card 1 x 128gb sad card. All cables are fine All tracks are fine - above board and also scanned for errors prior to loading on to sources Obviously when you flick between sources really fast and plough thru tracks really fast the decks can’t keep up BUT … last night I powered up, plugged in my sources which all registered on both decks. THEN, 2 sources on the 2nd deck disappeared off the display before I even started using them. It’s not the link cable coz I could see by the lights they were talking to each other, and after a while they played the whole night with no problem.

Any help would be welcome before I take a hammer to the things !

Have you reached out to our support team at at all Darren? If not, I believe you’re in the UK right, PM me your email address/contact tel. no. and I’ll put you in direct contact with our Denon DJ lead support guy in the UK. Thanks Paul

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