SC5000 resets

I have 2 pcs sc5000. Depending on the mood of the players. One resets for example every 2 minutes and the second game the whole party. After 2 weeks, the problem is touched by the second player and the first one is ok again. I do not know what’s going on.

I am enclosing the video

Hi @coretox,

As we mentioned on Facebook, we’re sorry to see this issue. Please confirm the following details:

Do the units reset when removed from the case? As mentioned on Facebook, the vents are blocked in that case and the unit could overheat.

Do the units reset when there are no other data connections (USB, Ethernet)?

What is the firmware version on you mixer?

I’m moving this to the general SC5000/M area as this is not a bug.

Do they reset after removing from the chest I do not know because I always play in the case. The cases are made so that the ventilation openings are not covered. On the sides they have 5 cm of space and the bottom of the entire player has 2 cm free space.

I will play 4 parties in the case and nothing happens. The next problem occurs only in one player. In the next two weeks, the problem will occur on the second player. Then nothing happens again at the next events.

Software version 1.3.1

I have 2 Samsung SSD T5 disks 500 gb and no matter how to connect disks or ethernet or not, the problem continues.

I also linked players with the mixer bypass and also resetting occurs.

I tested the player right now as I took it out of the case. He did not reboot. I put it back for 20 minutes and continue to play without a problem.

As I mentioned it is a lottery.

Very strange! The best way to test if the product is faulty is to isolate it from everything else.

To test, I would pull the unit out of the case, insert a USB and begin playback but do not connect any of the cables on the back aside from the power cable.

If the unit restarts (and is not in direct sunlight), it will stop playback and return to the SOURCE screen. If this happens in the condition above I would repeat the steps with a second USB/SD drive of different make and model. If it happens with no connections and two different media sources, you may have a hardware issue.

Let me know your results.

I’m testing today.

Both players in the case in full sun. I connected one disk. I released 4 songs at the same time and played for an hour. There was only one reset of one player in which the disk was inserted. Now it tests the second usb slot and plays for 30 minutes without reboot.

Edit. Another tests. Equipment pulled out of the case. For 2 hours of work, he has been reset once. I now hook the second ssd disk and the probands again. Can the sc5000 restart from the damaged drive ?? Take all options into account

I have 1 unit that does it as well… I have swapped my 2 decks around and the same deck resets occasionally… normally only once during a session but it is random no reasoning to it. .

my units are not in cases and are only used at home.

@coretox @DuBoi Did any of you resolve your issues?

@hamedsafaei is having the same issue and he is in a country that does not have Denon representation so he is out of luck for warranty.

@JWiLL any ideas?

-No case

-no movement

-tried multiple firmware versions

-tried different power cords

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Hi Guys,

I would try playing music from a streaming service (no drive in the unit) to see if the reset still occurs. I’ve seen corrupt files/databases cause similar behavior in the past.

If you don’t have access to a streaming service, try the following.

  • Reformat the drive that is 90MB/sec or faster as FAT32 (MBR) on your computer.
  • Create a single playlist with 50-100 tracks with the latest version of Engine Prime v1.5.1.
  • Mix for an hour or so to try and reproduce.

Hopefully, we can identify what is causing the issue.

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It is not possible to log in to any streaming service without any drive connected, as it needs it to store track data after analysis. I always get an error when tried to login to streaming without any usb or SD connected.

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I have sent it to the site 4 times. They sent back without repair because they did not have this problem. However, to give them a break, they replaced the power supply and the motherboard. I played an hour and everything’s ok. Now covid and parties are gone, so I’m not testing it

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That is not true. You can use streaming services without a media device connected. The message that pops up just informs you that performance data (hot cues, loops, analysis, etc) will not be saved.

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That makes me suspect that it was something to do with your drives but they did also replace hardware so it will be difficult to tell now. Glad to hear your units are working now.

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i try it with just one single track and its starting to reset :cry::cry: what can i do else, ?

do we have some ways to reset something like factory reset on players!??

You have factory settings in the utility menu.

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i know something like rebooting every thing, i try it but ot dosent work

Is this a streaming track or from a drive?

If drive, did you try a freshly formatted drive as mentioned above?

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yes i do all.

first its play about 12 minutes after its going to reset itself every 20 seconds like something going to warm and engine going to reset…!!!

i used the usb , firs i format after copy 30 song to it after analyzing with prime last version and last play with player and its reset