SC5000 Quantize problem

After upgrading to the 1.3.1 Firmware I’ve noticed that Quantize is disabled. I turn it on then save my settings and it won’t stay saved. It would always stay on in the previous firmware but now I have to turn it back on every time I turn on my SC5000. Has anyone noticed this behavior or am I missing something here?

It’s a known bug. Please do a search before posting.

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I believe someone from Denon reported it as how they implemented based on feedback.

So it’s not exactly a bug.

Even though I like how it is currently, it will be nice for the unit to remember last state following a power cycle.

Quantize on by default drives me crazy

That was a request by one user and it was not in any release note.

I reported it as a bug a few months ago also. It should retain the setting and not reset it (to either ON or OFF).