SC5000 prime Jog weel pression


I got 2 SC5000 prime. One is working well, but the second seems to have an issue with the jog, especially in vinyl mode: I have to press very hard on the jog to move forward or backward, scratch, etc … On the other, a simple little pressure is enough. Can I set the pressure level of the tray? Or should I send it back to the reseller?? Thank you in advance. Regards, Hervé

Remove the foil of the platter.


So well glue :slight_smile: Everything okay!!!

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Amazing how many people that one gets! :yum:

Yes and a fast blind remote diagnosis! :sunglasses:

Perhaps Denon should stick a “remove this” boldy printed on the foil.

Most folks seem to treat it like a protection cover for mobile phones.


It’s kind of fun, though.

It’s kinda sad that people spend upwards of 3000$ and don’t even understand how their gear works.

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