Sc5000 Prime+ Direct Drive Series

I would like a sc5000 Prime with a direct drive moving platter. Basically, I NEED a modern 3900. I will upgrade to the new sc5000s series once a direct drive moving platter is added.


Thanks for the suggestion!

I have never used the media players that have moving platters but if there was a 5000 with moving platters that also does videos, I’m surely gonna be buying that.

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I will be waiting on that Direct Drive platter too.I personally not like static platter. So denon pls come up man.

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If there was a X000 which didn’t have a motor platter but did do video out via HDMI … or a non-video but motor platter, which would you go for?

so I can’t get what I want :smiley:

it will have to be the video deck.

tbh I don’t think I have the space for a cdj mixer system.

already have 3 turntables , 2 mixers, 3 controllers, 3 midi controllers and a couple of lights and powered speakers.

Something will have to go to accommodate any new purchase.

I’ve been a denon fan for many years. My first denon DJ product was a DN-2500F and then the DN-D9000. The first dual deck to play two tracks off one cd, 4 cue points and 4 loops with eq, filters, sound efx and sampler, plus you can swap out a faulty replacement cd deck if needed. It was such a power house, that I still own the DN-D9000 today. I owned the DN-HD2500, which was a let down and I was hurt by it., because It up and died suddently after purchase, but past the warranty. I still today wonder how the hell the motherboard inside the unit got fried and I hardly ever used it. I can count on my fingers, the number of times I powered it on. I was told by denon sub out repair tech, it will cost a little over half the price of the unit to replace the motherboard after he look at it. I told him don’t bother shipping it back. He can have it.

Then I got a pair of DNS3700s. Great Decks, smooth as silk compared to the Numark CDX and the HDX decks, I owned. But, I made a big mistake. I sold the DNS3700 to a friend for the DN-SC3900. I wish I kept the 3700. I did not like the feel of the DN-SC3900. They felt sloppy, couldn’t do a tight loop on the fly and they drifted when running two of the same tracks.

So i pick up a pair of SC5000 last friday with a 15% fourth of july discount on both. So far I like them, but they’re still on a trial run. The engine software has a learning curve, which I like a challenge. But, damn it’s a challenge getting files in the software and onto a flash drive. The drag and drop steps has to be little bit easier than it is now. The beat grid editing portion works really well. Thank God, because there’s not to many option than adding grid markers and once you add markers the software locks you out of the other options, like changing the bpm or manual marker moving.

So getting back on topic and sorry for the long post. I did some summer cleaning this weekend. I pack up my XDJ-1000s, Traktor S4 and S8, Numark NS7ii and other studio producing gear I have collecting dust, back into the boxes for ebay. I think I’m going to keep the NS7ii, because like you guys I love spinning platters. I still own a pair of technics 1200s and a pair of the Vestax PDX-2300 Mk II Pro. I learned how to dj in the 9th grade in the early 80s. I use to hook school to practice djing. I had to settle for a GED, because I never made it past the tenth grade and that’s how old school I am. Moving platter will always be best in controlling music. I got a feeling Denon is going to make a spinning deck version of the SC5000. I hope not, because I just got these decks and I need to stop spending money on gear and save for retirement.